तरबूज खाने के फायदे Benefits of Watermelon Eating

       Benefits of Watermelon Eating                                                                    
तरबूज खाने के फायदे Benefits of Watermelon Eating
तरबूज खाने के फायदे Benefits of Watermelon Eating

Drinking watermelon is less likely to cause heart-related diseases.

The consumption of watermelon stays in cholesterol control.

Drinking blood pressure prevents blood pressure and is beneficial for high blood pressure patients.
Due to the consumption of watermelon, the chances of having any diseases are less because the use of its immune system increases its immunity.

Watermelon consumption is very beneficial for the eyes.

By eating watermelon, the brain remains fresh and tension is low.

Watermelon food is beneficial for all the stomach problems.

Drinking watermelon does not cause water shortage.

Removes the melon in the body by lack of blood.

If someone wants to lose weight, watermelon will prove to be effective for him.

In the watermelon, the principle of lycopene is found, which retains its skin glow.

Benefits of drinking watermelon and its treatment of various diseases.

1. Pain in urinating (urine or burning) and kidney stone:
• Advantages of watermelon seeds - Grind watermelon seeds by heating them in hot water. The pain caused by urinating is removed. By consuming it, the stone gets excreted by the urine.
• Grind watermelon root in fresh water, filter it three times and eat it for at least 10 days everyday by closing it with stones.

2. Mouth ulcers: Applying the ashes of the watermelon by burning watermelon peels, the mouth ulcers are cured.

3. Constipation: Drinking watermelon for some days ends the problem of stomach constipation.

4. Toxic blisters of skin: By putting the pulp inside the watermelon on the poisonous bark of the skin, the bark gets healed after binding it.

5. Headache:
• If the headache is due to heat, then drink pulp juice of Tarbooz, it cures the pain.
• Mixing sugar mixed with watermelon juice eliminates headache.

6. Impaired (bloody dysentery / bloody diarrhea): By feeding the watermelon to the patient of dysentery, the bloody dysentery is cured by removing the malarosis inside the body. Do not drink water at all after consuming this patient.

7. Asphyxia (accumulation of water in the stomach): Pouring of melon gives urine openly, which results in ascites.

8. Blood pressure (bloody pollen): By mixing 10-10 grams of melon red seeds and sugar candy and drinking it with water, the blood is healed.

9. Syphilis: Cut a square piece into a ripe watermelon and then remove some of its pulp from the cut part of the watermelon. After this, fill 250 grams of sugar and keep the same piece from above and close its mouth and keep it in the dew at night. Drink water inside it in the morning. Treatment in this manner for a few days every day, heals the syphilis.

10. Allergy: If the summer season is going on, drinking melanin in the juice of watermelon, allergy is removed.

11. High blood pressure (high blood pressure): Its intake also prevents the increase in blood pressure.
• Advantages of watermelon seeds in hypertension - Grind equal quantity of melon seeds and white poppy seeds separately and mix equal quantity. Then take 3 grams of this with empty stomach water in the morning and evening. It reduces blood pressure and sleep well at night. Headaches are also removed. It consumes the stiffness of the blood vessels and decreases blood glucose and the blood vessels begin to become soft and tidy. It should be used for four to five weeks as necessary.
• The juice of watermelon seeds contains an element called crookur poccurren. It also affects the kidneys. This reduces high blood pressure. Apart from this, swelling near the ankles also cures.
• Add 1 pinch rock salt in 1 cup watermelon juice, drink high blood pressure (high blood pressure).

12. Lip exploding: Grating the seeds of Tarbooz in water and mixing it on lips or tongue, 'lips and tongue cracking' are cured.

13 • Inflammation: Mix about 2 grams of black pepper powder in about 50 ml watermelon juice and take 2 times a day to remove swelling (inflammation).
• Drinking juices or juice of watermelon seeds causes swelling due to kidney failure.

14. False and Madness:
• Mix 1 cup of watermelon juice, 1 cup cow milk and 30 grams of sugar candy and fill it in 1 white glass bottle. Put this bottle in a safe place in the open sky (moonlight) at night. Feed the patient in the morning. Keeping this experiment for 21 consecutive days goes a long way in eradicating dementia and breath.
• Peel the 10 grams of watermelon seeds and remove the kernel. Put this kernel in the water in the evening and put it in the morning and grind them in water in the morning, mixing it with a little sugar candy, it consumes mania or insanity.

15. Joint Pain: Drinking juice of Tarbuj gives benefits in joints pain.

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